When it comes to parenting, do you ever feel frazzled in the everyday chaos of having a baby, toddler, or preschooler? Maybe you're afraid you aren't doing anything right (probably because of all the conflicting information out there)… that you’ll end up “messing up” your child forever. You're frustrated because you have no idea why your child is acting that way, you're generally exhausted, and you feel defeated because you are pulled in so many directions… doing nothing as well as you would like.

Sound familiar? I GET it. Parenting is not easy!

But there is something you can do to end the overwhelm: parent with confidence. This doesn't mean you know “everything,” or that you do everything “right.” It simply means you get to know your little one(s) more fully, and know and trust yourself more deeply … and NEVER alone!

In this exclusive interview series...

More Than Milestones: Understand Your Baby, Nurture Development Confidently, and Raise a Thriving, Happy, Healthy Child … with a Village of Support, brings together 23 child development, maternal and family health, parenting, education and community experts to share advice for parenting with confidence. This summit, with more than 12 hours of amazing content, aired in 2017 with rave reviews and is now available to you to own for a lifetime!

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What are others saying?

"I love watching these. It really has given me time to rest and take a break. Overall, I feel like some pressure has been lifted off my shoulders that I do not have to be a perfect mom 100% of the time (or try to be as perfect as I possibly can be). Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this for us!"

- Parent, Amanda

"I've completed all the seminars, and the most important take-away for me has been confidence building.  I feel the more I learn and the more I access ideas and expertise, the more confidence I have in meeting the developmental and emotional needs of an infant."

- Parent and Therapist, Lauren

"This was really where I'm struggling. Great info and examples."

- Parent, Amy

"Thank you for putting this summit together. I am enjoying learning so much."

- Parent, Bridget

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Ayelet Marinovich, M.A. CCC-SLP

Nurture Your Whole Child

Ayelet Marinovich, SLP from Strength in Words beautifully starts our journey down the path toward confident parenting and explains whole-heartedly the goal of this entire More Than Milestones summit. She talks about the importance of understanding the different parts of development, but then takes a step back again to look at the whole child and how everything fits together.

Communication is wrapped into everything we do. If we just pause to observe and reflect, we can see the layers upon layers of learning that happen every moment of every day in all the domains that make up your beautiful child.

Ayelet helps you see your whole child with simple play and brings it all together with a single type of activity!! So rather than doing one thing for motor, another thing for sensory, even another for cognitive and social-emotion development, we get to enjoy whole routines and activities (many of which naturally occur in our daily lives) to nurture our little ones as whole beings with fun and true connection! And she even sprinkles a bit about power struggles with our toddlers (also normal) at the end. Priceless!


"The interview had such good points throughout, but my favorite was at the very end when she touched on feelings and Toddlers, since my babe is entering that stage. I even made a note about it for my fridge, just like you guys recommended!"

- Parent, Jillian

"Thank you for this very enlightening and wonderful interview. As a pediatric PT, I also encounter a lot of clients with communication delays or concerns...I will apply this learning immediately among my clients. Thank you."

- Therapist, Precious Celeste

Rae Pica

The crucial, missing piece
to your child's learning...

Rae Pica, an education consultant since 1980, specializes in the education of the whole child, children’s physical activity, and the mind/body connection. She is the author of 19 books, most recently, What If Everybody Understood Child Development?: Straight Talk About Improving Education and Children’s Lives.

This interview debunks the myth of the mind/body dichotomy and, instead honors and supports the integration of the brain AND body of our young ones, helping them most effectively (and appropriately) navigate, learn, and thrive in the world. We could have talked for several hours (actually did, off-camera), but for you, we focused on:

  • The myth of the body/brain dichotomy...why on earth to we separate them?
  • What happens when we force children to learn something they developmentally aren't ready for just because the curriculum says so?
  • Are we doing things in the home, community and school environments that actually foster a love of learning?
  • Play, and lots of it, is required for our children to develop to their potential.
  • Resources to learn more and to advocate for your child's best interests in the home, community, and school environments.

You will come away from this interview with a completely new perspective on the world around you and your children.


"I loved this interview. Thanks a lot for your efforts to find such fabulous experts and the time you are spending. I really appreciate your job. "If your butt is numb, your brain is dumb" and "We are human beings, not human doings."  I will never forget these quotes."

- Parent, Shirin

"I LOVE Rae Pica!!! The things she talks about were very influential in my decision to homeschool my children over thirty years ago."

- Parent and Grandparent, Cindy

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Here are the speakers that you'll meet and topics that you'll learn about in this summit!

Ayelet Marinovich, M.A. CCC-SLP

Nurturing Your Whole Child

Jen & Andrea

Love Your Baby to Sleep!

Jeanne-Marie Paynel

Create Loving Spaces

Christie Kiley, OTR/L

Let's Play!

Abby Burd, MSW, LCSW, BCD

Mothering the Mother

Sunny Gault

Staying Connected to Who We Are

 Ariadne Brill

Discipline! Defiance! Tantrums! Oh my!

Jean Rogers

Raising Our Kids in the Digital Age

Heather Greutman

Move, Baby, Move!

Tracy Cutchlow

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do!

 Claire Heffron, OTR/L

Gross Motor Skills: Celebrate and Nurture the In-Between

Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L

Feeding Routines That Create Lifelong Connections

Rae Pica

 Kids Don't Just Exist from the Neck Up

 J. Michael Hall

Thank Goodness Moms and Dads are Different!

Milo Bryant

Calling All Dads! Awaken the Athlete in All of Us!

Lane Rebelo, LCSW

Tiny Signs, Big Connection

Betsy and Jackie

Who Are Playgroups Really For?

Felicia Kurkowski

 One-Stop Shop for Development Questions

Dr. Christine Wood

The Family Table

Susan Darrow

Love Music With Your Child

Dr. Pamela Mullens, PT., PhD., C/NDT

 What is Your Baby's Temperament?

Dr. Jamie Lien, MD, CLE

Promoting Literacy and Avoiding the Rat Race!

Elaine McGhee

Moms! Balance is a Four-Letter Word!

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